Dressing for Halloween

It's already October and that means you're trying to find the right costume for you, your husband, the kids, and/or your dog. I've been reading a lot in the last couple days about how Halloween costumes for children are way too sexy or grizzly for the age group.

I am sooo disappointed in all of you. This is what the internet was created for, isn't it? Better shopping choices?!

In a couple minutes I found a huge variety of what I would call suitable costumes for children who are not yet teens.

Take a close look at these costumes - this one, a fisherman - could be put together basically from things in your own home. Just think creatively. 

and, there is also the "t-shirt" costume. Here are some possibilities along with some fun bags to use for holding treats when trick or treating.

  Dancing Skeletons Tee Shirt